Bully Prevention Poster Ideas

There are several programs in place across the country to try to prevent bullying in high schools and junior high schools. Posters with catchy images and slogans are a great way to influence teens because they will see these messages repeatedly.

Printable Bully Prevention Posters

You can create a bunch of posters quickly with a customizable template. The theme and design are done for you, making the process quick and easy. You can download, personalize, and print the poster you love by clicking on it. 

You can find troubleshooting tips and tricks in the Adobe Guide if you need help accessing the poster templates.

Template for Caution Signs Anti-Bullying Posters

You can customize this poster template with your own text and slogans by adding caution tape and caution signs. Replace the generic images with photographs of your students to make it even more personal.

Template for Caution Signs Anti-Bullying Posters

The Stomp Out Bullying Campaign poster features connected clip art kids in blue, the color of kindness, togetherness, and friendship. Make a list of ways to make new friends at your school in the bottom section, or give it a new heading.

Bully Prevention Poster Ideas

Creating bullying prevention posters is similar to making homecoming posters or school sporting event flyers. You can create modern and professional-looking posters using a computer program or template, or you can hand write them on poster board with markers. Any successful poster has three key components: theme and design, slogan, and placement.

Ideas for bullying prevention themes

School poster ideas or anti-bullying poster ideas for a community or recreation center often have a memorable theme. Choose a theme and design all your posters around it so they have a cohesive feel.

  • Create posters in the shape of stop signs with bright red and white text to send the message that bullying needs to end. Stand the signs outside on sticks or even stick them in the ground.
  • No bullying zone – Use the classic circle with a slash through it or other construction zone signs to draw attention. To make your posters more appealing, model them after different signs.
  • Cool themes like cute penguins and animated ice cubes help spread the message that kindness is cool.
  • Make peace signs, anti-war slogans, and tie-dye inspired by the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Create simplistic posters with a variety of slogans that take the now classic “Keep Calm and Carry On” meme to a whole new level.
  • A stick figure or clip art paper doll holding hands illustrates friendship and togetherness.
  • Popular slogans such as “Stomp out bullying” and “Step up and stop it” go perfectly with images of sneakers or different kinds of shoes.
  • Make a superhero that wears your school’s logo on his or her cape and use him or her to spread the word about anti-bullying.

Suggestions for anti-bullying slogans

Students are most likely to remember a slogan that is short, concise, and memorable. Even better if you can come up with a rhyming slogan! In spite of the abundance of bully prevention slogans, these original versions make your posters stand out.

  • Words are Weapons: Use them responsibly
  • It’s important that friends don’t become bullies
  • We must stand together or we will fall apart
  • The key to locking up bullying is you
  • Don’t let a bully get the best of you: Be kind to them
  • It can be stomped out by stepping in
  • You have the right to express yourself
  • When the rest of the world walks out, step up
  • Beware of kindness
  • Kindness Sings When Bullying Stops

Size and placement of posters

The size of a bully prevention poster can vary from gigantic to standard. Often, the biggest posters encourage students to sign the poster as a pledge to prevent bullying. In large, open spaces such as the cafeteria or school lobby, these posters work great. 

Posters with a smaller size are best suited for small spaces, such as classrooms and restrooms. Create several posters in different sizes and hang them all around the school to make the biggest impact.

Ways to Prevent Bullying

The prevention of bullying in both elementary and high schools is a concern for all teachers and parents. Preventing bullying at a young age can help ensure that there is less of it in schools as students grow up. 

The prevention of bullying can be achieved by having guest speakers come to schools to discuss the effects of bullying. Anti-bullying posters should include one or more of the following prevention strategies:

  • Those who discourage bullying are respected figures
  • Culture’s iconic images
  • How bullying affects children and how it can be stopped in bullet points
  • If you are the victim of bullying, here is where you can report it
  • Sharing and other good social behaviors should be encouraged
  • Quotes about kindness and individuality
  • Kindness in the simplest form

Early Intervention Is Important

If bullying is not addressed early on, it can quickly become a problem with children. If a student does not stop bullying other children, he or she should be removed from the class. 

The child who may be bullied should always report it to a teacher, because if they don’t, then the problem can become even more severe and can cause psychological issues for both the child bullying and the child being bullied. 

There are many ways to stop bullies, including posting bullying prevention posters in key locations.

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